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Best Web Design and Maintenance Company in Kenya

We are an award-winning kenyan web design agency, specialising in bespoke website design & development. We’ve made it our mission to cultivate interactive web experiences that excite and inspire. We work through a bespoke process from the start to the end of your project, ensuring 100% design satisfaction.

We’re an established, experienced and trusted, London based team with over a decades’ experience in providing bespoke web design solutions – we’re well equipped to take your business concept from initial idea to reality.


SEO services

Till the time people keep on searching on Google, SEO will stay alive. We know that since the past time SEO services have changed so much, it is now above keyword stuffing, impressing search engines, and so on. Today Google is the king of all search engines and it knows that what it’s users want. Google desperatly wants to give good results to its users for which they search. Most of the internet users begin their session by searching something – and that something is what keeps SEO active.

Marketers who know Google and its pattern also know that Google only likes that website that is working only for users and not just to impress search engines.

People use the internet to explore, to get the information, and this can be anything such as about some current affairs, best restaurant, for fulfilling their shopping needs, book spa at home, and more. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of helping people to get the best results without making so many efforts. Users don’t need to search further, don’t have to make efforts or research deeply just to find that perfect deal. They usually type 2-3 words related to their search and Enter. In this way, they get the best results on the first page of their search.

But how users are cable of seeing websites on the first page, how those websites managed to gain the top position? All these questions must be running in your head, and here with, you will get all your answers.